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Fluorescence X-ray Tube  4YX-50
Name: Fluorescence X-ray Tube 4YX-50

Product Advantages:
1. The x-ray tube is equipped with a Heat Sink of advantaged structure, which enables the x-ray tube works long hours but without any affect on lifetime.
2. The x-ray tube is designed with scientific structure and leading-edge sealing technology, which thoroughly removes the leakage of high voltage insulating oil after works for a long period.
3. We also have specific designs for customer requirements.

Operating Requirements:
1.The insulating oil is dodecylbenzene (DDB), and its working temperature can’t exceed 50℃.
2.The working temperature of P-shaped filament connector can’t exceed 55℃, and its lifetime is of 500 times insert & extract.
3.Well-connected Heat sink, and fans for cooling ensure the temperature of this x-ray tube can’t rise 25℃, when the thermal capacity is 15J. Therefore, the x-ray tube can work continuously at 25℃, and without any temperature control and protective device. (The thermal capacity of this x-ray tube is below 13.5J )

Product Model 4YX-50
Nominal Voltage 50kv
Nominal Current 1.0mA
Max. Power 50W
Focal Size 0.6mm
Target Material W,MO,Rh,Cr
Window Material Be
Window Thickness 0.4mm
Beam Angle 25º
Outline Dimension Φ72mm×188mm

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